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Exclusive Offer for Pretty Presets Fans

Drum roll please....... We were here recently sharing that we had a special gift for friends and customers of Pretty Presets. has launched as of January 1st, 2013 and we are offering a very special deal for you!


Remember how I challenged you to find a friend and tell her that we had a gift for your both? 

For a limited time, you will have the exclusive offer of buying 1 "Ultimate Fat Loss Bundle" at and get 1 for your friend for FREE! A $72 value! 

We love giving gifts! It's better to give than to receive. In this case, we are giving you the plan for your wish. Remember how we said we were going to stop wishing and turn our wishes into goals and our goals into a plan? You have the wish, we'll help you set a goal and we'll give you the plan to make your wish come true! 

The best part, you'll do it with a friend! Statistics say that more success comes when you have accountability and support. We're making it possible for you and a friend to do this together! A plan + accountability = your success! 

At we like to say "success...plan on it!" We are thrilled to give you some tools to help you find success in 2013! You can simply click here and enter the password "success" to find out more about our exclusive offer and enjoy an ADDITIONAL 50% OFF.  This will be available to our first 100 friends only!

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