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Pretty Presets VIP Special for Better Health in 2013!

Feeling a little like my kids on Christmas...the wake up early because you're excited kind of feeling. The hyper giddiness that comes from the anticipation of unwrapping a surprise. We're about to unwrap a huge gift and I am so excited...squealing with glee kind of excited!

Thanks, Pretty Presets, for sharing our gift with your friends and loyal customers. We look forward to many of you sharing in our excitement and unwrapping gifts of your own as we head into 2013! 

No matter who you are, usually at least one thought of health crosses your mind at this time of year. It may be prompted by sugar overload or maybe it's cabin fever. Quite possibly, you are frustrated with the tightness you feel in your pants and you're ready for big changes. is launching January 1st, 2013 and we're going to give the gift of health to whoever is ready!

  No more wishing 

"A goal without a plan is just a wish." We don't want you to have to say, "I wish I could wear these jeans again" or "I wish I was back to my pre-baby size." No more wishing. We're here to help you turn your wish into a goal and your goal into a plan. We'll have plans for every stage and every level. We'll meet you where you are at and together, we'll unwrap the gift of health this year. It's a gift that can keep on giving and giving and giving!  

Stay tuned because we are offering an EXCLUSIVE DEAL to Pretty Presets friends and customers! Before I log out, I want to challenge you to find a friend who might be in the same boat as you and ready for a change. Tell her you're about to receive a gift and it includes something for her! Ok, no more details for now! Now who's feeling like the giddy kid at Christmas? Looking forward to working with you! You can visit us here at

Meet Jamie

My name is Jamie and I love cookies.  Sounds like a foodies anonymous meeting!  I tell you that in the first line of my introduction because it’s true AND I am a contributor to this health focused website.  How can that be?  I train for life.  I don’t train to be a fitness model nor to fit into a particular fitness icon mold.  Like most women, I wear a minimum of 15 hats on any given day.

I’m a mama of 3 little boys  and that might be reason enough to exercise and eat healthy.  Keeping up with their energy and adventurous spirits requires some endurance on my part!  I’m also a wife to a bubble boy, a forever optimist, my biggest fan…life is always good to Eric and Eric is always good to us.

I am also a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and group fitness director at a club in my hometown.  I went to college to be an elementary teacher because I love it when someone (child or adult) has an “a-ha!” moment.  After an “a-ha” moment, perspective changes.  Fitness was a hobby and then a career when I found out that I could have a job that is centered around encouraging others like you!

I found that fitness was an in-road to people’s lives and hearts.  If we feel good about ourselves, our body, our image, then life seems to be great all the way around.  The reverse is also true isn’t it?  That’s why I am passionate about providing helpful and encouraging resources online to people like you so that you can find success.  Find a healthier you.  I love to teach, to train, to encourage, to help and to watch you be successful.  Really.  It makes my heart sing.  I anxiously look forward to hearing your story, your “a-ha” moments, and your successes.  Thanks for allowing me in on this journey with you!

I don’t do this alone.  That would be like a hand saying it went for a walk!  Without a whole bunch of parts working together, no hand goes for a walk alone!  I have a team of people that work with me doing the business side of things, web designing, graphics work, a whole lot of things I don’t do or understand…all so we can bring this to you.  They are amazingly gifted people who also care about your success!

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