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Just Released: Limited Holiday Edition Sets for Lightroom 3 & 4




Now through December 31st you can purchase the Holiday Limited Edition Collection from Pretty Presets. This set includes 12 of our most popular Pretty Presets for JPEG and RAW images! These are available for a LIMITED TIME in our store.  Click on the link below to be directed to your collection.  Use the code "SAVE25" to enjoy $10 off your Limited Holiday Edition Set!!

Because we offer different sets for Lightroom 3 and Lightroom 4 there will be different presets included in each set.  Check out which 12 presets are included in your package!

Each set contains 12 Pretty Presets favorites! 


Lightroom 3 RAW: Baby Blue, Warm Sun, Vintage Sunset I, Beauty Light I, Sun-kissed  Nostalgic, Sweetheart, Marilyn, Dollface, Lazy Days, Sharpen Portrait and Creamy Haze Right.  Click here to view product!

Lightroom 4 RAW: Baby Blue, Warm Sun, 1969 Vogue, Creamy Haze Right, Aquarius VI, Color Me Pretty, Powder Puff B&W, Film Noir, Lighten Shadows,. Sharpen Portrait, WB Warm It and Berrylicous. Click here to view product!



Lightroom 3 JPEG: Beautiful Black, Beautiful Brown, The Golden Hour, Undo Overcast Day, Prince Charming, Surprise Me, Sweep Me Off My Feet, Soft Skin 3, Sunflowers, Retro Light and Veronica.  Click here to view product!

Lightroom 4 JPEG: Baby Blue, Color Me Pretty, Berrylicous, Creamy Haze Right, Warm Sun, 1969 Vogue, Aquarius V1, Film Noir, Powder Puff B&W, WB Warm, Sharpen Portrait and Lighten Shadows.  Click here to view product!


Please make sure to carefully select Lightroom 1-3 or Lightroom 4 in the drop down menu.  Enjoy the presets!




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