Finding Photography Clients

This is the fifth post in a 10-part series called "10 Reasons Why You Aren't Getting More Clients." Here's a link to part 1 of the series in case you missed it.

Reason #5: You are not Confident

I'm a confident person overall. However, when I first started my business, I wasn't very confident in my work as it wasn't where I wanted it to be yet. This can hurt your business in a variety of ways, keeping you from gaining the confidence you need to run a successful business and get more clients. If you're getting lots of inquiries but aren't booking any of them, this may be your problem as well. Or maybe you're so shy that you have a hard time talking about yourself or meeting with people in general. Let's dive into how this may be keeping you from getting more clients.

1. People can sense your lack of confidence

"Confidence is Contagious. So is Lack of Confidence." -Vince Lombardi

When people are looking to hire a photographer, they're looking for someone they can trust to create beautiful images for them. If you aren't confident in your own work, they'll sense that and will question your ability to create good images for them. They want to be absolutely certain that if they pay you money, you'll be able to deliver the images that they want. So if you're going into a consultation and you can't answer questions confidently, they are going to have a hard time trusting you enough to invest their money in your work. Yes, you may create beautiful images some of the time, but can you do it for them?   

2. People hire photographers they feel comfortable with

If you are super shy or lacking in confidence, it can make people feel uncomfortable. People rarely hire someone they are uncomfortable around, because it's already stressful enough to think about being photographed. The last thing they want is to feel uncomfortable during their session or wedding, as it will be hard to get natural, relaxed photos if they feel uptight. Confidence helps put people at ease.   

So how do you gain confidence and overcome your shyness?

Even if you've been shy and lacking confidence for most of your life, you CAN overcome this and move forward confidently in your business. I highly recommend checking out this free ebook from Photography Concentrate. Not only will it explain how having confidence will get you more clients, better images, and higher sales, it will give you lots of practical tips for HOW to gain confidence and overcome being shy. Like this post? Please pin it on Pinterest or share it on Facebook using the handy buttons at the top! Thanks! See previous posts in the 10 Reasons Why You Aren't Getting More Clients Series by clicking here.