How to Use Pretty Presets for Lightroom's Post Presets

Today I want to share with you one of my favorite features of the recent Pretty Presets collections!  Check out the video to learn about this cool feature or read on below the video!


The feature that I am super excited to share with you are all the Post presets that are included in the Enchanted Garden Collection and the Sugar and Spice Collection.

These post presets are meant to be applied after or in addition to the other developing you've done to your photo or after other Pretty Presets you've applied to your photo. AND it is super easy to do!

These presets help to provide extra effects such as a vignette or adding a bit more drama to a photo.  They also help with the white balance of your photo with effects like warming the photo or cooling it down.

You can tell these presets apart from the other Pretty Presets because they are titled with the word "Post" at the beginning of the name and are located at the end of all the regular presets.

How to Use Pretty Presets for Lightroom's Post Presets

This first photo, I developed using Peacock from the Enchanted Garden Collection. Then I made an adjustment to the white balance by choosing WB Temp Cool (this cools down the white balance and worked best on this image).  Last I added Soft Vignette.  

Neither of these additional presets changed any of Peacocks's other develop settings—just applied the white balance correction and added a vignette effect!

How to Use Pretty Presets for Lightroom's Post Presets

Some of these "Post" presets are radial filters.  You can modify these slightly by clicking on the Radial Filter tool in Lightroom and then hovering over your photo and waiting for the little dot to appear.  This shows me where the filter has been applied.  

You can adjust where the filter is placed by dragging the dot or change the size and shape of the radial filter by playing with the dots on the circle.  You can also adjust the settings that are applied to the filter by changing the graduated filter settings.

I edited the above image with Ambrosia from the Sugar and Spice Collection and then added Soft Center Light also from the same collection.  I edited the size and position of the radial filter as well as slightly reduced the effect by lowering the Exposure slider just a bit.


The Post Presets DON'T change any of the settings of the first preset—they are just layered in addition to the other one!

Layering presets is so much fun!  Hope you enjoy this fantastic feature of the Pretty Presets you have!