10 Reason Why You Aren't Getting More Photography Clients

Remember back when you were a pre-teen? You weren't really a kid anymore, but you weren't quite old enough to be a teenager, and everything was awkward. You'll go through this exact same phase as a business. It's that awkward moment after you've decided to become a professional photographer, but still don't have an established client base. You've taken photographs of every family member and friend that will let you, and now you're looking for real paying clients that treat you like the business you want to be. This can be a frustrating time for your business. It can seem impossible to break out of and finding those first few clients is difficult. This series is going to walk you through 10 reasons why you aren't getting more clients and what to do about it! Let's jump right in!

1. You aren't willing to spend any money on your business 

This is probably the most common mistake that I see. Many people are starting businesses without wanting to invest any money whatsoever into them. If you treat photography like a hobby but expect the results of a business, you're not going to get anywhere. [insert click-to-tweet button with a link to this post] The key is learning what is worth buying and what is a waste of money. Things that are worth buying will pay for themselves several times over. Things that are not worth spending money on won't help you get more clients or help you make more money. The best things to buy are the ones that will multiply your investment several times over by either increasing your current average sale or by bringing in new clients. For example, I purchased Creative Pricing & Packaging from Tofurious, which explains the psychology of packaging and how to structure your packages so that people will most often select the package you want them to buy. By implementing the strategies in this book, my average sale has increased significantly, and the book has paid for itself literally hundreds of times over. Some of the best money I've ever spent. Could I have learned this stuff for free by playing around with packaging or by searching Google? Probably. But it'd have taken me lots longer and I'd have lost literally thousands of dollars in the meantime. I'm a big proponent of purchasing ebooks and tutorials that will accelerate my business faster because I have all the information in one place, and paid products generally do a better job of explaining that just a free blog post will do. It's a big part of why we were able to completely replace our household income and take photography from being just a hobby to our main income and full-time job in only 3 years.

Great investments for your business:

  • Educational resources that teach you what you need to know fast to grow your business
  • Tools that save you time and give you more time for shooting or marketing
  • Essentials like accountants, lawyers, and insurance that are priceless when you need them

Common wastes of money:

  • Non-essential gear upgrades and additions
  • Non-effective advertising & marketing (most traditional advertising falls under this)
  • Excessive amounts of props

The hard part in all of this is knowing what will work and what won't. For example, I highly encourage people spending money on marketing, but only if they feel really confident that they're going to get results. Often the most expensive methods are not the most effective, and while much marketing can be done for free, you'll have better results if you invest in a few choice tools along the way. We'll talk more about effective marketing methods later in the series, so make sure to check back and read them. 

Don't make these common mistakes! 

Over the next few weeks, you'll learn more reasons why you aren't getting more clients. In the meantime, download and read this helpful free ebook called "5 Common Mistakes That Lose You Business (And How to Attract Your Ideal Client Like Crazy)" by signing up to follow The Modern Tog via email.

What about you? Leave a comment below sharing some of the most valuable purchases you've made and where you've wasted the most money in your business. Thanks! 

Jamie M Swanson is a Wisconsin Wedding Photographer who shares her secrets about photography marketing over at The Modern Tog. Click to check it out!

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