Potential clients spend mere moments connecting with your brand on the web. What do you want them to remember about your photography business after that short-term relationship ends? Chances are, it's not your latest photo session. The customer's memory needs to be one/some of your top 10 photos or at least your name and face in order to find/recognize you later. Then why are we working so hard to promote our latest work instead of our BEST work?

Step 1: Create Pages with Your Best Stuff

Your website is a digital marketing brochure. Are you treating it like one?

For illustration purposes, pretend you're designing print marketing brochures at no cost to you. Which images would you showcase? Would you create multiple brochures, like one for portraits/engagements and a different one for premium weddings? Whatever you choose, I'm certain it includes photos from more than one session and showcase your best work. Unfortunately, websites usually hide the brochure-worthy information among hundreds of other images and pages.

I want to get potential clients right to the meat of your business. Whether they visit from search engines, Facebook, or an email newsletter send customers into the page most likely to sell your services. The shocker: this page doesn't exist on your website (yet)!

Wedding photography super posts look something like this:

  • Top 10 Wedding Photos
  • City XYZ Hotel Wedding Photography
  • City XYZ's Best Wedding Venues
  • My Favorite Engagement Sessions from City XYZ

Portrait photography super post ideas:

  • 10 Must See Cute Newborn Images
  • A Dozen Cool Maternity Photos, Poses, and Ideas
  • Classic City XYZ Family Photo Galleries

People are much more likely to click through to one of the above posts than a recent session featuring someone they don't know. Super posts have general appeal for anyone wanting to see great photography. They also bottleneck traffic through a few key pages so you can sell services more aggressively.

The end of the super post should include information about you, testimonials, links to related posts, and a clear call to action so people can contact you immediately. I would utilize an incentive offer (free consultation, free PDF, free print, etc) to insure they don't miss this opportunity to book you.

Promote Super Posts via Splash Page

Every photographer does this, so don't be disappointed when you recognize yourself in this equation.

The splash page has two or three main boxes with links and sends users to Website, Blog, and Facebook (or sometimes a mobile site). As a user I click into Website and am greeted with 20 seconds of loading Flash, then see a hodgepodge of images that span the photographers entire range of work. If I'm a bride I have to filter through the portrait and pet photos to see the wedding stuff, and then find navigation links to find the best wedding photos.

What you should do instead: give that bride VIP access and link her directly to your best wedding photos straight from the splash page.

Below your image boxes on the splash page you have unlimited space underneath for text and links. Read the post Splash Page Marketing for Photographers to learn how to effectively utilize this space, but absolutely include links to your top five super posts. Put them in a paragraph called "Jump right to the good stuff" or "View my best galleries below" with bulleted links underneath.

This VIP shortcut for users insures they get to top pages quickly and don't miss them either because they ran out of time to browse or simply couldn't find them.

Promote Super Posts via Blogsite

By default, blogs like to show posts in reverse chronological order with the most recent post first. This is a HUGE disadvantage for photographers.

What if your latest post was not your best work? Or a sneak peek without much detail. We don't want that to be a potential client's first impression when they first visit the blog.

Fortunately WordPress offers a way to show the best post first via "sticky" posts. Open your WordPress admin and find your most important post. Go ahead right now (I'm a patient guy). On the right side module that says Publish, edit the Visibility to "Stick This Post to the Front Page."

It's that easy - the post will now remain first in the list with recent posts will show below. This can be dome with multiple posts, say, if you want to stick three to the top.

Repeat Top Posts through Social Media

Don't be afraid to repost, because a huge portion of your audience missed it the first time.

I have a business Facebook page just like everyone else. It offers free advice, strategy, and ideas to photographers for improving their websites. Yet even with tips that can earn people money, only a fraction of photographers who follow me see what I post.

Facebook tells us this information, and in a recent post I made less than 30% of my Fans were exposed to the message. "Exposed" is a rather general phrase - the status update appeared somewhere on their screen, but was not necessarily read. Despite what we may think and hope, clients don't live on Facebook 100% of the day. Some won't see your updates because they were on vacation when you posted or have too many friends and your message gets lost in the shuffle.

I’m affiliated with a tool called SociRoll I use to repost my best blogs. It chooses one at random and posts it once a week.

Super Summary

Create pages or blog posts with your best work, as you would a print marketing brochure. Funnel potential clients through those posts first, by linking them from your Splash page, sticking them to the top of your blog, and promoting them frequently and repeatedly in Social media.

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Zach Prez helps photographers get the traffic they deserve for great photography. He has 10 years of Internet marketing experience and has written seven ebooks for photographers. Subscribe for free advice at http://photographywebmarketing.com or http://facebook.com/photomarketing.

Photo credit: Jill Carmel, Sacramento Professional Photographer

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