The Importance of Insurance for Your Photography Business

Video notes:

Insurance for your business is SO IMPORTANT! Don't take a penny before insuring yourself. There are three types of insurance you need:

Equipment - the most obvious no-brainer is that you need your equipment to be insured. This protects you against breakage, theft or loss. Some policies allow your equipment to be insured out of the country and others don't. Read your small print before you travel or lend it out!

Liability - liability insurance protects you in the event you get sued for physical harm resulting from your involvement as a photographer. I've had people knock over large lighting units in a room full of children and someone could've really been hurt and -in turn- sued me.

Indemnity - indemnity insurance protects you in the event you're sued for not coming through on your end of the bargain and your client feels you breeched your contract.

Read the small print on your policies and make sure you're taking all the steps required of you to make your policy valid {such as marking your items with a UV pen}.

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