Big Business vs Small Photography Business | Pretty Presets for Lightroom Business Tutorial

Video Notes:

Can you have small business? Yes. But what are you comparing it to? In this video, we're discussing the concept of establishing yourself as a small business, operating 'on the side'. Some call these photographers the 'weekend warriors' and even look down on them for their small time aspirations.

There's nothing wrong with wanting your photography business to be a small one to supplement your usual income. But it's important to know what goes into running a business big or small and you might be surprised the the jump from small to big really isn't that huge.

Things you need to be in business {big OR small}:

Legalities - you need to register yourself as a business and get legal with your government. Paying taxes.

Insurance - no matter the size of your business, you need to be properly insured.

Legalities - forms, releases, etc

Branding - how will you communicate who you are to your potential clients?

Printing - cards, letterhead

Packaging - setting yourself apart from everyone else will put you in a league of your own. In addition to creating superior work, your packaging will add value to your work and this will mean you can charge more and work less.

Further education - you need to stay educated no matter how big or small your business is going to be. Personal growth is very important in your forward motion.

Online presence

Marketing - How are you going to get your clients? Some marketing is free and others are low cost but even free forms of marketing cost something, even if it's time.

If you don’t set yourself up well to glean a higher level client, you will have to work harder, not smarter.

Watch the video to hear more about big business vs small business.

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