5 Things to Consider when Starting Your Photography Business

Can you get a camera and go straight into business? Yes and no. Can you start a business as a beginner? Yes and no.

Thinking about business is the very first step of starting one. If you were to get a camera tomorrow purely for the purpose of going into business, then just thinking about business is the first step.

Some trades/careers where people go into the trade purely for the purpose of business:

  • Bricklayer
  • Physicians
  • Filmmakers

You may be in the thinking stage of starting your business for years before ever beginning to shoot for money. And again, unless you have consistency in your work, you're not ready to start taking people's money.

In this video, I'm going to talk to you about 5 things you need to start working on to get your feet on the path to starting your business:

1. Get serious about your education. Eat, sleep and breathe photography. Make learning your full time job or part time job if you have to. Take classes online, join a club, go on photo walks, start discovering what you really love shooting. Hone in on your specialty.

2. Get a mentor. Find someone locally or someone online who can help teach you the ways of photography and business. Find a photographer who will allow you to second-shoot or be an apprentice. I think it's time for us to stop being so tightly guarded with our secrets.

3. Practice practice practice. If you want to be a photographer, start taking pictures.

4. Start learning about business. Study marketing, learn how people think. Read the blog Psychology for Photographers. I love this new blog and I never miss a post.

5. Get critique. Have your work looked at and critiqued by other photographers who you admire and respect. One way to receive real, honest critique is through a Professional Photographer. Don't ask for critique from your friends. They're going to tell you what you want to hear and unless they're also professional photographers, they won't have the critical eye needed for giving you advice that will help you grow in your craft.

So remember...you have to start thinking about your business as the first step to going into business. Don't hurry that stage!