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What is a Professional Photographer?

Hello and welcome to our 10 part vlog series for photographers! Over the next ten weeks, we're going to be discussing just a few of the different things you need to look into when deciding if you're ready to venture into charging for your photography and becoming a 'professional'.

In this first video, Elizabeth be defining what she means when she uses the word 'professional' and looking at the argument from a few different points of view. We'll be keeping my eye on the comments for this blog post if you want to chat about these videos!

Enjoy the series!

Part 1: What is a Professional Photographer

Part 2: All about Consistency and why you need it!

Part 3: 5 Things To Consider When Starting Your Photography Business

Part 4: Big Business vs Small Business

Part 5: The Importance of Insurance for Your Business

Part 6: Branding for Photographers

Part 7: Your Website and Web Presence

Part 8: Pricing Your Photography

Part 9: Portfolio Building for Photographers Part 1

Part 10: Portfolio Building for Photographers Part 2