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Meet Brooke Logue Photography + Pretty Preset Edits

I'm excited to introduce you to Brooke from Brooke Logue Photography.  Brooke is an amazing Photographer who I'm excited to work with.  She will be a tester for our upcoming Lightroom 4 Presets and has shared edits with Pretty Presets below. Enjoy!

What do you love most about being a photographer?

The outlet for expression; Having the ability to take my emotions from my soul, and express them through my imagery, while at the same time, capturing once in a lifetime moments.

Diffuse Glow I from the Modern Vintage Collection for RAW

What is the best marketing tool that has worked for you?
Constant connections, constant touches, constant interaction with the world- email, facebook, blog. Being "active" on my business page on facebook on a daily basis, with continuous interactions with my fan base.

Classic Black and White from the Old Hollywood Glam Collection

How do you use light to your advantage?  Do you have a favorite time to have sessions?

I personally think that the use of light in a photograph can be the ultimate factor of whether that image is spectacular or awful. It is also the determining factor of the way the viewer may feel when viewing the photograph. Light can be used to give the viewer different feelings or perceptions of what they see in an image. Light can change the mood of an image. For example, deep shadows casted over half a persons face gives the viewer a different feeling than a backlit portrait with no shadows on the face. It simply changes the mood of the portrait. Using light, to determine the mood of the image, and the way the viewer will feel when looking at the image, is what will separate a plain old photograph with a photographic masterpiece. This ultimately separates the photographer with the artist.

For me, I prefer shooting in the last hour and a half of sunlight. Beautiful golden hour light makes me giddy inside.  I normally shoot my sessions in the evening time, shooting during the last hour and a half of sunlight. Morning sessions are only good if you catch the light as it's rising, otherwise, as it gets later, the sun gets too harsh.  The absolute perfect shooting time is from about 30 minutes before sunset, through about 15 minutes after sunset. Those 45 minutes are divine, and as long as it is sunny out, and you know how to use light to your advantage, those golden rays can turn any old your photograph into stunning art.

 Beauty Light II from the Modern Vintage Collection for RAW

What is your passion and what are your goals?

I have a passion for life. I have a passion for photography. I have a passion for innocence. All three are so unpredictable and pure. And with the unforeseeable, I live my life to its very fullest, I appreciate the pureness and joys that children bring to this earth. My goal is to capture and create photographic expression using my heart, my mind, and my soul; to ultimately connect with each and every one of my subjects.

 Cinematic from the Old Hollywood Glam Collection in Black and White

If you could tell aspiring photographers one thing, what would it be?

Inspiration can be found in so many other places rather than only looking at other photographers' photographs. Try looking for your inspiration elsewhere. A lot of my inspiration comes from some of the following;  fashion magazines, children's clothing catalogs, cinematography, art history, music and music videos, paintings and sculpture, writings and poetry......Find out what moves YOU.

My name is Brooke Logue Gomberg and I am the owner of Brooke Logue Photography & co-founder of Baby RAW. I am the very blessed wife of the most incredible man in the world, and together we created something beautifully amazing- A Family. We have been blessed with two beautiful children, Maren (3), and Zane (1). Maren was my very inspiration for beginning my journey in child photography. My family is my biggest inspiration for everything I do in this life, and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have them, always surrounding me with their love and support


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