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16x20 Gallery Wrapped Canvas Winners!


With over 100 pictures submitted it was not easy to pick just 2 pictures.  Thank you for submitting your picture and making this so much fun!  I would love to continue to do this each month or maybe more often then that.  I'll get some great prizes if you'll give me some fun ideas for challenges!  Feel free to comment below the post with your ideas.

Congratulations to Meghan Lee Graham and Cassandra Phares!

Photograph by Meghan Lee Graham

"These are my babies. I had been planning this session way before my son was born and this is one of my favorites of them. My daughter was giving me grief the whole time, but I managed to get a cute one! It is edited with Shimmer".

By Cassandra Phares

"This image always reminds me that it's a blessing to have an adventurous heart."

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