World Vision Donation

World Vision

I am so excited to share that we had an amazing week!  This week we challenged each other pay it forward and many of you found amazing ways to give to those around you.  We gave $1 for each comment and then doubled it to make a gift to World Vision on your behalf.  It's amazing how giving $200 can result in $1,650 in medicine and $550 in clothing to children who desperately need it.  Thank you for being a part of this.  I would like to continue these challenges and continue to give to World Vision as a result of your giving.  Stay tuned for the next challenge!

Paying It Forward

I am doing a couple free photo shoots this weekend to provide portraits for some families who can’t afford it and some teenage girls who need a self esteem boost. - Jen

Because of your challenge I was honored to be a recipient of a pay it forward! I’ll let you know I am also a photographer have a plan (or two) to pay it forward. Thanks for the challenge!!! - Jess

This week I read a post from a friend on facebook that has really been tugging at my heart. Her 8 yr. old daughter is so self conscious of her body because some of the kids at school made fun of her. I messaged her Mom and asked if my daughter-in-law (my partner in crime) and myself could make some “pretty” pics of her so she could see what a beautiful child she really is. Her Mom was totally overjoyed and so am I! I can’t wait to make this little girl feel better about herself!!! I love paying it forward and thanks Laura for encouraging everyone to do so! - Glenda

I will be photographing a little girl who just found her forever family. - McFadden Studios

I volunteer photography for several charity events every year one of them being the annual autism awareness concert in Chicago at attached link. I give photo rights to each charity to use any way they please whether in advertising, newspaper articles or private use. I’m looking forward over the next few years to voluntarily travel and photograph events in Peru and China for Reach Out and Learn Foundation and in Africa for Zambia Scholarship Fund. There isn’t a better feeling than finding worthy charities and using the talent and gifts you have to enrich others lives by paying it forward. Thanks for post! - Lavon

I had am giving a 16×20 canvas print to a client. I have a client who is going through cancer treatments and know this will be a great gift to give her. It was a priveledge to take her photos, and another to give her this gift. - Tina

I donate my time once a week and go down to the local animal shelter and take pictures of the animals for them. A good picture makes a huge difference when people are looking to adopt a pet. - Jasmine

Another amazing story came from Heather!  Heather gave to a military family in such a big way.  You can read more about it here in the comments section.  She tells quite a beautiful story and shared how she paid it forward.  Thank you Heather!!