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The Sweet Giveaway - Happy Valentine's Day!

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Tuesday is Valentine's Day and I wanted to put  together something sweet for you (pun intended)!  Valentine's Day is such a great opportunity to show love to those closest to you.  Which brings me to my giveaway.  I love the opportunity to work with you each day and I've been picking up on a few things that you are "sweet on".  I've found you love KELLY MOORE BAGS. You also love beautiful Bad Sass Backdrops and perhaps a 50mm Lens too?!  Here is the opportunity: share your love for Pretty Presets this Monday through Thursday and have the possibility to win one of these amazing prizes!

And there is more...

Valentine's Day is also my birthday.  It's a pretty sweet birthday to have and an easy one to remember.  If only we had our anniversary on this day then Nathan would really have it easy!  Regardless, I am blessed with parents who already sent me flowers, a husband who gave me a card with the most thoughtful words and children who have put together hearts with "I love you" on them.  I'm thankful to be born on a day all about love, because that is what my life is filled with.  I will also be giving out 2 additional $100 gift cards on this SWEET GIVEAWAY! Thanks for being a fan and friend of Pretty Presets and myself.  I'm so thankful you are here and I love that you are going to join our giveaway, right now!

*BONUS* Any purchase of $99 or more will receive a FREE COPY of the ebook "55 Smart Ideas for Photographers" by Zach Prez and Wendy Roe.  You can read more about it here.

1. Any camera bag up to $250 at Kelly Moore. - Congratulations Jenny Neumann!  You can email me at to claim your prize.

2. $250 Gift Card to Bad Sass Backdrops.  Congratulations Amy Barker.   You can email me at to claim your prize.

3. A Canon or Nikon 50mm 1.8 lens -Congratulations Jeanette Gunkel.   You can email me at to claim your prize.

4. $100 Gift Card to Pretty Presets - Congratulations Jennifer Lucero.   You can email me at to claim your prize.

5. $100 Gift Card to Pretty Presets - Congratulations Lisa Bish.  You can email me at to claim your prize.

6. $200 Gift Card to - Just Added 02/14 - Congratulations Tina Cook.  You can email me at to claim your prize.

There will be 5 winners!  In your entries you may include which prize you would love most.  Thank you and have fun!

Enter To Win:

1. Let us know what you love about Pretty Presets.  Feel free to include how you found us!

Extra Entries:

2. Share about this giveaway on Facebook or Twitter. Type the following: “Go check out the Sweet Giveaway going on @Pretty Presets at and enter to win amazing prizes”.

3. Like us on facebook by clicking here.

4. Pin an article you LOVE to Pinterest!  You can pin this one too!  If you don't have Pinterest then "like" an article by clicking the button at the top of the article.  You can get up to 3 entries with this.

5. Each purchase in the Pretty Presets store counts as an entry too.  If you win the $100, we will credit you back.

Giveaway Ends Thursdasy at midnight MST!!  Winners will be announced on the blog Friday afternoon.  Thanks for all the LOVE!

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