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Pretty Preset Brushes and Graduated Filters

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We've had so many beautiful examples shown on our facebook page using the new brushes!  I wanted to put them all into one place so you could see the edits and how they were done.  I hope this helps and thank you to all the Photographers who allowed us to share them here.  These brushes will work on both RAW and jpeg images!  They work wonders for babies too.  Below I've included some of the testimonials shared on facebook about the newest brushes!

"♥ LOVE ♥LOVE ♥LOVE the new brushes.  I had a blast playing with them this evening! Thanks so much your presets are the bomb!!!"

"Your brushes saved my bacon again today!! The newest shot I was working on had sunlight filtering through little boy fingers making it appear as though he had red nail polish on....not really what I was going for!! Enter in a few brushes and voila all fixed quick and easy like!"

"Can I say easy....I use Lightroom and Photoshop normally but with these new brushes I can do all edits in Lightroom in Raw no less"

"So happy I got your new brushes set today! I just love how they helped reduce the redness of "stork bites" on this little one! Thanks for your amazing products!!"

"Good news is the brushes and filters are so easy in Lightroom. I had never used the brushes until I bought these ones learned in 15 minutes"

"At $20.00, this is a steal!! Not even a dollar a brush!! What will you waste 20 bucks on this week, which you could instead invest into your business/craft to make work flow easier and less time consuming? Yeah...I am a believer!!"

Brushes used: Grad Darken Flash (this really helped), Blue Eyes, Reduce Red, Cool Down, Under Eye, Whiten Eyes, and Smooth Skin.  Thank you Shally Arroyo for sharing this amazing transformation with us!



Brushes used:  Brighten the Face, Soften the Skin, Fix the Red, then Baby Feet and under eyes.  Thank you JAS Photography for sharing this beautiful edit with us!



Brushes Used: Blue Eyes and Rose Filter.  Thanks to Chianté Black for sharing this beautiful edit



Brushes used: BR Fix Red all over the baby, Fix Baby Feet on the lower eye and then Brighten and Soften Skin.  Thank you JAS Photography for sharing this beautiful edit.



Brushes used: BR Blue Eyes and Warm Haze.  Thanks to Chianté Black for sharing this beautiful edit



Brushes used: Rose Haze on his skin, and then Warm Haze across the whole image. Fix Clipping on his hands, then separately on his shoulder and cheek, and again separately on the fur.  Thanks to Jennifer at JD Waterhouse Photography for sharing this beautiful edit.


More about this collection and what it includes:


Baby Feet: use on areas that are red or purplish, like baby feet. Will help change the color to more skin-like.

Blue Eyes: use on blue eyes, to make them a bit more blue. Will brighten and sharpen also. Use in place of Eye Sparkle (set 1).

Brighten Faces: use to brighten faces. Brightens without making washed out or losing contrast.

Brown Eyes: use on brown eyes to make them lighter and warmer. Will sharpen also.

Cool it Down: use on faces that are a bit too warm. Slightly cools.

Desaturate: helpful when reducing areas that are too heavy with color.

Fix Clipping: use on areas that are still clipped after using Recovery slider in Basics pan-el. Make sure to only brush on the clipped area, not on area around it.

Fix Yellow Casts: use on areas that are too yellow.

Green Eyes: use on green eyes to enhance the green color and sharpen.

Paint on Color: use to enhance color of clothes or other objects in picture.

Warm-up Areas: use on areas that are still a touch cool, just to add a little bit of warmth.

Brighten: use for general brightness. Can be used as a gradated filter or a brush

Darken: really darkens. Can be used as a graduated filter or a brush.


Graduated Filters

Blue Skies: use from the top of picture and pull down to increase the blue of the sky. Will not replace a blown sky.

Colorful Background: use to subtly intense colors in the background

Cool Haze: adds a cool haze across part of image (your choice)

Darken Flash: use to darken the bright foreground of images where flash was fired

De-Haze: use on images that have haze from sun hitting the camera sensor

Green Grass: makes grass greener

Rose Haze: adds a sweet, soft rosy haze to image

Shine Light: use to add light to an area, good for lighting the dark background on im-ages where flash was fired (foreground is too bright/background too dark)

Soften Background: subtly soften the background

Sunlight: adds very warm, bright light, just like the sun

Warm Haze: adds a warm, soft haze 

25 Custom Lightroom Brushes + Graduated Filters - $20

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