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Snow Day Giveaway + Getting Started in Lightroom Mini-Workshop

Congratulations to the winners!!

Congratulations to Courtney Dunworth and Lindsey Wolfrom on winning a spot in the January 26th Workshop + Clean and Creative Editing in Lightroom Workshop To Go!  Please email me at to claim your prize!

Congratulations to Michelle Clements, Karen Gibas, Melanie Williams and Kadee Jenkins on winning $50 Gift Cards. Please email me at to claim your gift cards!

Thank you all for taking the time to share.  I enjoyed getting to learn more about you and where you want to take your businesses.  It's such a pleasure to have you here and I hope I can encourage and support you as your business grows.  Thank you for being here!  Respectfully, Laura Thomas

Getting Started in Lightroom Mini-Workshop  

I was sincerely touched by the over 271 comments that I read through.  So many of you have such amazing stories of where you've been, what you're doing now and where you want to be!  It was difficult trying to pick just 2 winners.  I spoke with Amanda about this and she agreed we needed to do something more.  Many of you shared that you had a budget concern and others shared that you just didn't have the time. So we came up with an option that hopefully gives you all the opportunity to learn on a budget and this will be recorded in case you can't sit and watch for the entire time. Here is what we came up with:

We are going to put together a 30 minute webinar + 30 minute Q and A session (1 hour total) for beginners to Lightroom.  The "Getting Started In Lightroom Mini-Workshop" will include information about the Library, the Develop Mode and how to export   This will not include the manuals or brushes, but it will give you an opportunity to learn Lightroom and ask questions too.  We want you to be able to learn Lightroom and hope it will take your editing and business in a whole new direction.  We can take 20 people in this class and it will be held on January 31st at 8:30pm EST.

If we fill this class then we may look at holding a second mini-workshop if there is enough interest.  You can sign-up below.  The class will be only $25.  Also, Amanda will record the session as she will move quickly through things and wants to make sure you can go over it as much as you need after the workshop.

Mini-Workshop on January 31st at 8:30pm EST - $25

email for more details -

**If you are interested in the full 2 hour Workshop with a manual and brushes then you can check out our "Lightroom Workshop To Go".  Also, we do have a 3 spots open in our LIVE Lightroom Workshop on the 26th.  This workshop is LIVE and upon purchasing it, you will also receive an additional workshop on Clean and Creative Editing in Lightroom.  This download also includes brushes, graduated filters, manuals to both classes and $20 in Gift Cards to Pretty Preset and Everyday Elements. There are only a few spots left for this LIVE workshop so please come join!**

Click here to learn more about our "Lightroom Workshop To Go".

Click here to learn more about our Lightroom Workshop on the 26th.

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