Most Popular Tutorials about Lightroom

Below are some of our most viewed tutorials and posts!  We hope you enjoy going over them again if you've been here awhile.  If you're new to the site then we hope these encourage you in your business and use of Lightroom and Pretty Presets.  Please share this with your friends who use Lightroom as well. 

1. Customizing Your Presets

2. How are they different? JPEG vs RAW

3. Using the adjustment brush in Lightroom

4. LR vs PS: Still not sure? 5 Ways Lightroom will speed up your workflow

5. 5 Sharpening Presets for Lightroom

6. How Social Networking Can Increase Your Business

7. 6 Simple and Cost-Effective ways to advertise your Photography Business

8. Managing your business: Don't be part of the 80% 

9. Lightroom Workshops + Creative and Clean Edit 

10. Lightroom's Magic Targeted Adjustment Brush 

11. 5 Ways To Increase Your Business during the Holidays

12. How Lightroom's Spot Healing Tool Saved My Life 

13. Should you quit?  Ask yourself these two simple questions.

14. How to edit Newborns in Lightroom

15. How to use Graduated Filters In Lightroom