3 Ways To Add Contrast To Your Photos

One thing that most ALL my RAW photos always need SOOC is a boost in contrast. Today's post is just a quick list of 3 ways that I do that! Simple.

1. Contrast Slider

Definitely the most basic and obvious way to adjust your contrast. Move the Contrast slider in the basic panel to the right until you like what you see.

3 Ways To Add Contrast To Your Photos

2. Blacks Slider

This is the most basic way that I adjust my contrast. Decreasing my blacks slider to -20ish is an easy way to add just a bit of contrast to your image. Some photos require more. Some need very little at all. I find that this works best with photos that are already exposed nicely.

3 Ways To Add Contrast To Your Photos

3. The Tone Curve

This is probably the most powerful way to adjust the contrast. It is also the best tool to use if you aren't getting the results that you want from the first two options.

There are a couple of ways to adjust the tone curve to add contrast. The most visual way is to use the targeted adjustment brush and place it over the areas/tones you want to lighten and click and drag UP. You can also place the same tool over the areas/tones that you want to darken and click and drag DOWN. You can also just hover over the large Tone Curve box and make changes by clicking and dragging the actual curve. You can also use the sliders below the curve or even one of the presets located below the sliders. If you find yourself using the same settings regularly, you can make and save your own preset for the tone curve.

3 Ways To Add Contrast To Your Photos

What do I do? Typically, I try the contrast slider, adjusting the blacks first, or some combination of those two first. But sometimes they just aren't enough. Then I move to the Tone Curve to add more.

How do you add contrast to your photos? Please share!

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