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5 Free Presets for Sharpening Pictures in Lightroom 1, 2 and 3

Good Monday to you!  I love the thought of "Make A Difference Monday" and am hoping these 5 simple presets will make a difference in your editing today.  I get so many questions about sharpening pictures outside of Photoshop, so I thought I would create some easy sharpening presets for you to use.  They each vary in the amount of sharpening that is applied to your photo. I realize each photo is unique and some many need more (or less) than others.  I hope you enjoy!

On this picture I used the jpeg preset "Soft Skin 5" from the Soft Skin Collection and then "Sharpen 2" from the free presets you are about to download.  Very easy edit and done in seconds!

5 Free Sharpening Pretty Presets - Enjoy!

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