Have you ever gone to purchase an item you wanted, only to find out it was on sale? We know you love presets. AND, you love sales.  Enjoy the new collections Modern Vintage (RAW) and Fairytale Romance (jpeg) .  Take 25% off their purchase total! Just use the code "save25" to enjoy this discount.

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Not only do you get presets, on sale, but in addition, it’s less money you have to fork over to Uncle Sam! With the end of the year approaching (it is, don’t fool yourself!) businesses are looking for every opportunity to reduce their tax liability. Purchases of presets not only save you time, they save you money, in the form of a business deduction. Let me put it this way:


Invest in our newest collection and find that you have more time to do the things you really love, like hang out with your family, oh, and brag to the soccer moms.



             View the FAIRYTALE ROMANCE Collection for jpeg now!

Included in this package are: Classy Tuxedo, Color Oasis, Creamy Light, Dipped In Chocolate, Dreamy, Soft Skin, Golden Romance, Enchanted Garden, Pastel Parade, Prince Charming, Surprise Me, Sweep Me Off My Feet and Vintage Dress.  This collection also comes with 4 different presets that will adjust the exposure to better match your picture. $25

                                                   View the MODERN VINTAGE Collection for RAW now!

Included in this package are: Beauty Light I and II, Buttered Rum I and II, Criss Cross I and II, Diffuse Glow I and II, Old Fashioned I and II, Shimmer I and II, Sugar and Spice I and II, So Sepia I and II, Vintage Sunset I and II and Watercolor I and II. $34