Just Released: Sugar and Spice Lightroom Preset Collection

We are so excited to share our Sugar & Spice Collection with you!

Add beautiful jewel-tones and rich warm colors to your images with easy one-click presets. Customize your own signature style using quick post presets, and finish your image with our Fall Mini-Brush Collection for that perfect one-of-a-kind look. Your Fall photo sessions will be infused with soft, sunny light and deep, dramatic color. 

Luckily for you, you can grab the new Sugar & Spice Fall Collection for a steal of a price. No tricks, just treat yourself to this amazing collection and show your clients that like sugar and spice, these presets are what pretty photos are made of.

Included within your download are: 20 Pretty Presets, 9 Post-Presets and 14 Brushes.  This collection works best in Lightroom 5, Lightroom 6 and in the Creative Cloud.  

Using Lightroom 4?  Please scroll down to read about using this collection in Lightroom 4.  

Included Within Download:

Pretty Presets Included: Ambrosia, Cafe Au Lait, Cashmere, Chestnut, Clover, Gingersnap, Harvest Moon, Honeycrisp, Juniper, Mystic Gold Haze, Mystic Gold, Olive Branch, Radiant, Saffron, Seagrove, Sienna, Silver Birch, Velvet Dusk, Vintage Autumn, and Wild Harvest {Backlit}.

Pretty Preset Posts: Add Drama I, Add Drama II, Soft Center Light, Soft Vignette, Warm Vignette, WB Cool It Down I, WB Cool It Down II, WB Warm It Up I, WB Warm It Up II

Sugar & Spice Brushes: Add Dark and Detail, Add Light, Balance Magenta, Balance Yellow/Orange, Color Yellow to Plum, Enhance Greens, Enhance Oranges, Enhance Yellows, Kill the Grass, Tint it Blue, Tint it Brown, Tint it Plum, Tint it Red and Tint it Yellow.

Just Released: Sugar and Spice Lightroom Preset Collection

For Lightroom 4 Users:

We know how much you love using these presets from the newer collections within Lightroom 4.  We did our best so that you could take advantage of the set.  However, there are 3 presets are 2 post presets that you'll need to be aware of.  The good news is you can easily add in the effects with a brush from within this set if you desire. 

In this set of 20 Presets, all but 3 presets will work in Lightroom 4.  The presets Vintage Autumn, Velvet Dusk, and Wild Harvest be missing the center radial filter that brightens the middle of the image. However, you can easily add this soft center light if you wish with a brush.  It's optional as well.  The 2 Post Presets that won't work in Lightroom 4 are Soft Center Light and Warm Vignette.  These same effects can also be created with the included brushes though.  

Just Released: Sugar and Spice Lightroom Preset Collection