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A Walk Through the New Importing Dialog Box in Lightroom CC (October 2015)

Lightroom Creative Cloud Updates October 2015 | Lightroom Tutorial

This week Adobe released a new Lightroom Creative Cloud update that totally changed the way that photos are imported in Lightroom.   Since change can be scary, we thought we would walk you through the new process and show you that it isn't THAT much different from the old.  You can watch the video or follow the screenshots below for a step by step walk through!


A Look at the New Import Dialog Box

Lightroom Creative Cloud Updates October 2015 | Lightroom Tutorial

When you let Lightroom know that you want to import photos, you will now see the above screen open.  You have choices to add photos from your camera, a memory card, or your hard drive.  Lightroom will also scan your hard drive and show you where there are photos that haven't been imported.  You can choose one of those options as well.  If the dialog box opens and you really don't want to import photos, click the "x" in the upper-right corner.

What's Next?

Lightroom Creative Cloud Updates October 2015 | Lightroom Tutorial

This might be the next screen you see!  This is quite a bit different than the old import dialog box.  DON'T PANIC!  Let me show you how to navigate your way around!

Importing Your Photos

Lightroom Creative Cloud Updates October 2015 | Lightroom Tutorial

  1. The Source: In the upper left corner you will see where your photos are currently located.  Lightroom calls this the "source."  In the old Import Dialog box there was a column on the left showing several sources.  To see that column, click on the words that tell where your photos currently are.  In the image above, I clicked on "Nikon D610" and the column opened.
  2. Select All: Click the "Select All" box to import all the photos at once.  Uncheck the box to choose which photos you would like to import.  You can click on individual photos to select them.  Or you can choose many photos at once by clicking on the first photo in the series you want to import and then shift-click on the last photo in the series.  Then click on the checkmark that shows on any of the photos when you hover over them!
  3. Gear Icon: The "gear" icon on the right will open up the panel where you can let Lightroom know where to put your photos.
  4. The Destination: This box tells Lightroom where to store the photos you are importing.  If you are just adding photos to Lightroom that are already on your hard drive, you can skip this step.  But if the photos are coming from your memory card, you can tell Lightroom where you want the photos to go. Click "select" to pick the folder the photos should be placed in.  You can have Lightroom create a subfolder for the photos by clicking the "Into Subfolder" box and giving the subfolder a name.
  5. The Advanced Section: In this section you can apply Import Presets, Develop Presets, tell Lightroom what kind of preview to build, let Lightroom know to convert the files to DNG, and tell Lightroom how you want to rename your files on Import.

Same and Different

While this importing process looks quite different than it did before, overall it is quite similar once you know what to click and where to tell Lightroom what you want.  Play around and you will find your feet quickly!

Happy Lightrooming!

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