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Pet Photography: Inspiration for Stepping Outside the Box

When I was first starting out on my photography journey, I would use my children to practice on, so much so, that they were not having it on the best of days!!  With my camera in hand and ready to go, I figured my pets would be the next best thing and this is how my inspiration with pet photography came to life!  It does, however, require a lot of patience as with many other things that go with photography.

I started out with some basic poses of our dog sitting on a chair to literally taking newborn puppy pictures of our newest pup.  The wonderful thing about photography is that you can make almost any idea inspire you to create something amazing!  Never be afraid to step outside the box and use your creativity, that's what separates us from one another.  Also, never be hesitant about putting yourself out there.  You will learn so much from others, grow as an individual, artist and professional.  You may be surprised at how much others will love you individuality and creativity.  Never give up on your passion!

 I am a wife and mommy to two beautiful girls who keep my life busy and I wouldn't have it any other way!  I also work full time as a Dental Therapist in a busy dental practise.  In my spare time (what's that!) i do photography, which keeps me very busy but i love it!!!!  I love capturing moments that bring happiness to so many.  When i actually have some down time its spent making memories with my family! 

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