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Workflow Wednesday: Getting a Correct White Balance


Fixing White Balance with The Eye Dropper Tool

Getting the proper white balance on your images is an important factor in editing.  The more you edit photos, the more you will be able to see when the white balance is wrong and how to fix it.  Lightroom's eye dropper tool can be a HUGE help to get the white balance right.  Watch Amy in this video use this tool to get it just right!


Fixing Blue and Red Casts

Start this video at about 6 minutes in to watch Amy as she fixes a blue cast and red skin tones.


Black and White Edit

I chose to do this one in black and white. I felt like the colors competed with each other and I felt it would look better overall in black and white. For this edit, I used an exposure brush under his eyes so they didn't look do hear. Then I smoothed it out a little. After that I did what I normally do for a BW edit-I used Base #3, Light Contrast, Add Light, and add Contrast a Lot.


Editing a Baby on the Beach

First, let me say I want to take this baby home with me. I know nothing about him except he's super cute! And loves the beach! The was another easy edit. I used the white balance dropper to adjust that first. Once I was happy with the white balance, I moved on to adding a preset, I chose Freesia.Then I adjusted the red and orange on his skin. Next I added a couple of Colorful Background Gradual Filters. I'm sure there were a few more tweaks in there, but that's the main part of it.

Editing an Underexposed Portrait

This sweet little girl was too pretty to pass up. The biggest problem here was being underexposed. Once I increased the exposure, I could see this little girl come to life. The edits were very simple because overall, it was a good picture that was just underexposed. I used Faded Linen in the Make it Matte collection, smoothed her face, added clarity to her eyebrows, lips and nostrils on her nose, increased the exposure just a tiny bit on her eyes and then sharpened them. That was it.

Bridal Portrait

Bridal portraits are some of my favorite to capture on a wedding day. It's so important to get at least a few of just the bride by herself. I love how simple this was. A very easy edit. It just needed the exposure increase, warmed, and a clarity brush run over the shrubs. I also added some clarity to her eyes and lips shine to her lips.

Family Portrait

I did several things to this photo to bring out the color and make the couple the center of the photo. The adjustments are listed in the comments. I used the Freesia preset in the Color Luxe set and then did some tweakings to bring reds down, bring blues and greens up, add some warmth and then did a colorful background gradual filter.  You can see a few more of the edits below.


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