Fixing Color Casts In Lightroom

Using Pretty Presets Perfect Portrait Brushes to Fix Green Cast

One of my favorite sets here at Pretty Presets is the Perfect Portrait Workflow Bundle.  It bundles the Workflow Clean Edit Presets with the Perfect Portrait Brushes.  The Workflow Clean Edit set is amazing at giving a nice clean edit to your image.  The Perfect Portrait Brushes provide all the little finishing touches that take your portrait to the next level. Watch this bundle transform this beautiful portrait.

Editing Portraits with the Clean and Creative Set and the Perfect Portrait Brushes

These two portraits were beautiful out of the camera, they just need a few tweaks to unlock their inner beauty!

A Nature Edit

In this edit I used the Color Luxe Set as well as the Graduated Filter Toolbox and the Perfect Portrait Brushes to de-emphasize some bright foliage and keep the focal point on the beautiful blue eggs inside the nest.


Cloning Large Objects in Lightroom

This is beyond any cloning job I have ever done. But I was up for the challenge and I am so glad I did this. The majority of this edit was cloning. I applied the Clean and Bright Preset from the Make it Matte collection, tweaked it a little by increasing the exposure, sharpen, increased clarity and contrast. Then I applied the Luminous Flare. You can see from the picture the extent of the cloning that was done, ALL in LR!! Lots of sections and even more patience!

Check out this video for more about cloning out large objects in Lightroom!

Fixing Color Casts with Lightroom Presets | Pretty Presets for Lightroom


A Beach Edit

I love the beach and would love a location like this! I edited this with graduated filters only. No presets this time. I ran several to give a different look to different parts of the photo. It's like this picture was meant for these filters. I used Blue skies at the top, Rose Haze at the bottom, then Sunlight over the haze. I increased the sharpness and that was it. Took about 2 minutes.

Fixing Color Casts with Lightroom Presets | Pretty Presets for Lightroom

Editing a Well-Exposed Image

This was a super easy edit. The photo was exposed properly, which makes a huge difference in editing...I feel like I say that a lot, but it is so true! I cropped it because I wanted a closer shot of this sweet little girl. I used the Urban Light Preset, increased exposure just a bit, added Rose Petals Bokeh and that was about it!

Fixing Color Casts with Lightroom Presets | Pretty Presets for Lightroom