How to Clone in Lightroom

Some Additional Tips for Cloning in Lightroom:

  • If you need to clone a smaller area next to a larger area that you've already cloned, you can move the the already cloned area out of the way to allow you access to that spot you need to clone. Once you're done cloning that that small area, simply move your larger clone backgo over clones areas with a skin smoothing brush to make it look more seamless. That helps the edges look blend in better.
  • Run a skin smoothing brush over cloned areas to make it look more seamless. That helps the edges look blend in better.If a larger brush isn't working, move down to a smaller one and do multiple clones together.

  • Start with a cloning brush where the size of the inner circle is slightly larger than the area you want to clone.
  • If a larger brush isn't working to clone your area, use a smaller brush and break it down into smaller areas. 
  • Don't be afraid to move around the source pins that Lightroom choose for you.

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