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The Lightroom Lab: An 8-Week Course to Mastering Lightroom

***SOLD OUT***

We'll be offering again next year, see you then!

We're so excited to launch our brand new 8-week course on Mastering Lightroom! We've had requests for this type of course for years, and are so thrilled to finally be able to offer it to you.

The nine lessons covered in the Lightroom Lab are comprehensive and are designed to help you learn core principles and then gradually build your skills. By the end of the eight weeks you will have a deeper understanding of Lightroom and be able to use it confidently and effectively.

Your teacher will be Amanda Padgett, our Lightroom Instructor, at Pretty Presets. Amanda has taught our live trainings for years and has a great love for teaching and for Lightroom.

Registration ends Friday, June 12th.  And, then we'll kick off our Lightroom Lab with a LIVE webinar on Sunday, June 14th at 6pm EST.  

Getting It Right In Camera + Free Cheat Sheets/Notes For You!

A special thank you to all of you who came to our "Getting It Right In Camera" live training.  We had a wonderful time and will do it again in 2016.  Thanks for making it a success!  We'll have it available for viewing on Wednesday afternoon on the blog.  Be sure to check back then.  Until then, enjoy the FREE CHEAT SHEETS/NOTES to the class while you wait!!  Enjoy. :)

Lightroom Lab Modules:

The nine lessons covered in the Lightroom Lab are thorough, and they come with a task to accomplish. Our goal is for you to learn the new skills, then put them to use immediately for reinforcement. By the end of the eight weeks you will have a deeper understanding of Lightroom and be able to use it confidently and effectively.

  • Module 1: Perfecting the Import: Learn the ins and outs of the four different ways to import.
  • Module 2: Organizing Your Library - Learn how to sort, filter, tag, and organize your images for efficient editing and so you can find them when you need them.
  • Module 3: Basic Panel and Tone Curve Panels - Learn what each slider does and how to use them when editing images.
  • Module 4: Brushes, Graduated, and Radial Filters - Learn what these local adjustment tools do and how they function when using them to edit small areas of your image, to make corrections or add special effects.
  • Module 5: Hue/Saturation and Split Toning Panels - Find out how these color-effecting panels operate, plus how and when to use them for color adjustments and enhancements.
  • Module 6: Detail, Lens Correction, and Effects Panels - Learn how to sharpen, reduce noise, correct camera and perspective distortions, and add special effects.
  • Module 7: Snapshots, Virtual Copies, and Syncing - Find out what snapshots and virtual copies are, the their differences are, and when to use them. Find out what it means to sync edits, and learn best practices for syncing multiple images.
  • Module 8: Using Presets- Learn how to install and use workflow and creative presets for faster, more efficient editing.
  • Module 9: Exporting - Learn how to export with ease, by examining each panel in the export menu, and how to make it for you. Also, you will learn how to use different export presets, and how to create, edit, and use watermarks.


    • BONUS Lightroom 101 E-Guide ($19 Value)
    • BONUS Mastering Lightroom ($19 Value)
    • BONUS Limited Edition Flashback Favorites ($29 Value) We've had so many requests to bring these back, so here they are! Included: Aquarius V1, Aquarius V2, Berrylicious, Blue Suede V2, Butterscotch, Color Me Pretty, Dove, Film Noir-Cocoa, Film Noir, Peony, Post- Reduce Reds, Post-Reduce Reds More, Powder Puff and Raindrops.
    • BONUS Mastering Skin Tones and FAQ Webinar August 16th ($49 Value)

Just in case you scrolled through this all quickly, here are the details you'll want to know. 

Quick Overview:

    • Registration ends Friday, June 12th or once our class is full.
    • Upon signing up, you'll receive a download with all your materials and BONUSES!  As well as links to reserve your spot for our webinars.
    • Kick off our Lightroom Lab with a LIVE webinar on Sunday, June 14th at 6pm EST
    • 2 Live Webinars (June 14th and August 16th) and 8 Weekly Videos/Content to view at your own pace
    • First video module will be posted in the private group on Monday, June 15th.  Class ends August 14th.  
    • Bonus Webinar on Mastering Skin Tones will be held Sunday, August 16th.  It will be recorded if you can't make it.
    • Great for anyone using Lightroom 4, Lightroom 5, Lightroom 6 or the Creative Cloud

With all the BONUSES this is a $265 VALUE COURSE for only $149!! 


Questions being asked since the release:

Q. I don't have facebook--can I still take the light room lab classes?

A. Great question! Yes, you definitely can still participate in the lessons/assignments and the live webinars. The only thing FB will be used for is answering questions and giving feedback on assignments. You can send me questions to my email (provided for all those who register) and I can answer that way.


Q. Will we have to be online at the exact time of the class or will they be recorded if we're unavailable for one or live in a different time zone?
A. We just ask that you be online for the first live webinar on the 14th. After that they will all be recorded and available to you at any time. We are also offering a BONUS webinar at the end, which we'd love to have you on for.  If you can't, we'll send you a link for the recording.


Q. Can we download the videos so we can reference them at any time?  How long will the content be available?
A. Yes, you'll have until September 30th to download the videos and content.  This will give you plenty of time to catch up if you fall behind or download for your own reference.


Q. What happens after I sign-up?
A. Upon signing up you'll receive a welcome letter and your bonuses!  We'll start with our first live webinar on June 14th and go over the class with you.  Our first video and instructions will be sent out on June 15th. Each Monday we'll be delivering new content to your email and will direct you to the class.  We'd love to have you involved with our private facebook group, too.  This is just for this Lightroom Lab class.  

Q. Do I have to be there for each class? Can I access it whenever I want?
A. Yes, you sure can. You don't have to be available for the live webinars, we'll have them available in our class for you to view later. Each week we'll cover a different module and work on it through the week. If you miss a week, you can always catch up later. All materials will be available to you through the end of 2015.



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