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2 Tips For Your Folders and Keywords in Lightroom

Tips for using folders and keywords in Lightroom

If you are anything like me and you easily forget when and where you saved a set of photos, you may benefit from a little extra organizational control in Lightroom. While I am a big fan of folders and key-wording, both in Lightroom and on my hard drives, having subfolders and keywords within keywords helps me keep track of everything more easily than saving everything to large, general-themed folders.

In this tutorial, we will look at how to quickly add subfolders in Lightroom, and how to add a keyword within an already existing keyword. 


Let's start with subfolders.

First, make sure you are in the Library module.

In the left panel, click on the arrow beside the drive where you are going to save your images. In this tutorial, I am saving them to my hard drive:

Accessing photos via Folders in Lightroom

Highlight the folder where you are going to create a subfolder by clicking on it once. In this example, I am creating a subfolder within the 5_21_2016 folder.

Click on the plus (+) sign to create a new folder:

Creating new folders in the Lightroom Library module

Select Add Subfolder:

You can now name the subfolder. Also, make sure that the "Put Inside XYZ " is selected under Folder Options to be sure that you are, in fact, creating a subfolder. Press Create:

You will now find the subfolder within the main folder, both in Lightroom, and on your hard drive. In this case, I am going to export my final edits of the photos from 5_21_2016 to the "Final Edits" folder:


Something that I find really helpful in Lightroom's keywording is the ability to add a keyword within a keyword. This gives you even more control when organizing your files. Here's how:

In the Library module, in the right panel, locate the Keyword List tab, and click on the triangle to see your keywords:

I have added the keyword "Portrait" here, but let's say I wanted to create a sub-keyword for portraits in natural light.

By clicking on the plus (+) sign with my Portrait keywording tag highlighted, I can then create a keyword within the Portrait keyword:

Creating new keywords in Lightroom

When naming your new keyword, make sure the "Put inside..." option is checked under the Creation Options header. When you are finished, press Create:

I now have a Natural Light keyword. So, if I ever wanted to find my photos with only natural light and no studio lighting, I would navigate to Keywording List>Portraits>Natural Light, and Lightroom would show me only the photos that I have tagged with Portraits and Natural Light:

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