4 Tips for Using Print Templates in Lightroom

Using the Print Templates Module in Lightroom is a fun way to create collages of photos to share on Facebook, your blog or website.  We even have some FREE Print Templates available for you to download here on our site.

Today, I am sharing 4 tips that will help you get the most out of using our Free Print Templates in Lightroom’s Print Module.

1. Installing Print Templates

Installing print templates in Lightroom is similar to installing any other type of preset.  You need to unzip the file you download, copy the folder that has the .lrtemplate files inside.  Then you need to navigate to the folder you will copy them into.  To find this folder go to Preferences (on a mac choose Lightroom>Preferences and on a PC choose Edit>Preferences). Choose the Presets tab at the top.  Then click on “Show Lightroom Presets Folder”.  You’ll need to double-click on the folder that is already highlighted.  Inside that folder you will find a folder called Print Templates.  Double-click on that folder and paste your copied folder inside.  For a visual demonstration of installing your templates or for problems you might have on install, watch the videos below.


2. Collections

Collections are the easiest way to have access to the photos you want in all the different modules.  If you aren’t using collections, you will only have access to the photos in the one folder that you have open at the time.  When making a Facebook Timeline, you’ll likely want photos from more than one folder, so making a collection is the best option.

4 Tips for Using Print Templates in Lightroom

Collections easily made in the Library Module.  Just click on the plus sign “+” at the top of the Collections Panel.  Then choose “Create Collection” from the options.  Name your collection and tell Lightroom if you want it to go inside a Collection Set.  You can also have it place all the photos you already have selected in this collection and even choose to have this collection available to Lightroom Mobile.

3. Move the Photo Around

What I get the most questions about is how to move photos around once they have been placed inside a template.  This is super easy to do, but not very obvious HOW to do it in Lightroom.  All you need to do is hold down CTRL/CMD and then click and drag on the photo you want to move.  Viola!!

4. Save Your Creation

4 Tips for Using Print Templates in Lightroom

Saving the photo collage you just created isn’t as easy as clicking on a button.  But the button isn’t always obvious to everyone!  Once you have a template created, choose the “Print to File” button on the bottom-right.  That will give you a dialog box that will ask you to name the file and tell Lightroom where to save it.  Easy.

One Tip: I think that most files saved for the web look best with the Print Sharpening turned off.  You can turn off Print Sharpening in the Print Job Panel!

For more help, you can watch the video below all about using the print templates!