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Using the NEW Filter Brush in Lightroom 6 and Lightroom Creative Cloud 2015

This was really one of the features I was most excited about when I saw what was being introduced in the newest version of Lightroom!  It is such a handy tool and it makes customizing the Luminous Collection presets a breeze!  Check out this video or follow along below to see exactly how this new feature works!



You'll see the Filter Brush Tool when you click on either the Graduated Filter or the Radial Filter.  It won't be activated for you to click on until you actually have a Radial Filter or Graduated Filter activated on your photo!  To activate a Radial or Graduated Filter, click on one of the PINS or circles.


Follow the steps in the image above to use and activate the new Filter Brush tool.  To erase a Graduated or Radial filter from a portion of the image, highlight the ERASE Brush.  To add more of the Graduated Filter or Radial Filter to an image, highlight the A or B Brushes.

To see the Graduated Filter or Radial Filter overlay while you are working, type the "O" key on your keyboard or check "Show Selected Mask Overlay" at the bottom of your image.

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