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Taking the Mystery Out of the Graduated Filters

Graduated Filters

Graduated filters are similar to brushes in that they are local adjustments. However, they differ in that brushes are consistent over the area used, whereas graduated filters are strongest at the edge where you start them and then gradually taper off, giving the image a very real but subtle change.

  • The tool is a cross hair that you put at the point you want the effect to start and then pull across.
  • Adjust local areas of an image by choosing the change you’d like to make, then click on the edge of the area (like the edge of an image) and drag until you reach an area you want it to stop.
  • Custom brush presets will show up under the Graduated Filter options also.
  • Click on the black/white rectangle in the bottom-left corner to deactivate the filters, so you can see a before/after of all filter changes.

You can do many things with filters:

  • Brighten the background when flash was used and caused a very dark background.
  • Darken the foreground overly brightened by a flash.
  • Subtly light an image from one side, giving the effect of sunlight filtering in.
  • Make skies bluer (as long as they have some color; all white/gray skies cannot be made blue).
  • Add haze.
  • Warm or cool an image.

View the Graduated Filters within the Pretty Presets store.  Have fun editing! 

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