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I know you can be overwhelmed with everything that you can learn about Lightroom! Here is the magic list that will help you access all of our webinars and favorite lightroom video tutorials. Enjoy 50 free lightroom tutorials and webinars here.  You can click here to PIN this for laterDon't miss out on our 100+ Free Lightroom Tutorials and 70+ Free Photography Tutorials, too. If you don't have time to read them now then you can pin 70+ Free Photography Tutorials and pin 100+ Free Lightroom Tutorials here.   

  1. 5 Tips for Getting Started With Lightroom 5
  2. Editing in Lightroom 5
  3. Clean and Creative Editing in Lightroom 5
  4. How to use Lightroom Brushes and Graduated Filters
  5. Importing, Exporting and Using Watermarks in Lightroom
  6. 10 Ways To Maximize Your Lightroom Experience
  7. 5 Tips for Perfecting your Portrait Workflow
  8. A Simple Edit with Brushes and Presets
  9. Intermediate Lightroom Class
  10. Advanced Lightroom Webinar
  11. Using the adjustment brush in Lightroom
  12. How are they different? RAW vs JPEG
  13. Customizing Your Presets
  14. Using Presets In Adobe Camera Raw
  15. Sharpening In Lightroom
  16. Brightness vs Exposure vs Fill Light in Lightroom
  17. How Lightroom’s Spot Healing Tool Saved My Life
  18. Photography Tutorial - Creating web galleries in Lightroom
  19. Vibrance vs. Saturation in Lightroom
  20. Correcting Color in Lightroom - Just Where You Want It!
  21. Playing Favorites in Lightroom
  22. How to use Graduated Filters in Lightroom
  23. Speeding up your workflow in Lightroom!
  24. Clean and Creative Webinar for Beginners in Lightroom 4
  25. What is a 'Professional' Photographer?
  26. All about Consistency and why you need it!
  27. 4 Easy Steps for Creating a Watermark in Lightroom
  28. 5 Things To Consider When Starting Your Photography Business
  29. Big Business vs Small Business
  30. The Importance of Insurance for Your Business
  31. Free Pinterest Webinar
  32. Branding for Photographers
  33. Getting the Most Out of the New Video Feature in Lightroom
  34. Your Website and Web Presence
  35. 5 Lightroom Tips You Can't Live Without
  36. Pricing Your Photography
  37. Portfolio Building for Photographers
  38. Portfolio Building for Photographers Part Two
  39. Having Fun With the Pretty Preset’s Post Presets
  40. How to use Lightroom Presets, Brushes and Graduated Filters
  41. 3 Simple Steps to Using Your Lightroom 3 Pretty Presets in Lightroom 4 & 5
  42. Lightroom Presets, Brushes & Graduated Filters
  43. How to Install Lightroom Presets and Lightroom Brushes
  44. Top 5 Mistakes Made When Installing Lightroom Presets
  45. Clean and Creative Editing in Lightroom
  46. Lightroom 5 Presets | Workflow Collection
  47. Lightroom 5 Presets | Dreamy Baby Collection and Newborn Brush Bundle
  48. Editing In Lightroom
  49. How to Edit Pictures in Lightroom

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