Adobe had a live event yesterday centered on their Creative Cloud programs, which included Lightroom. There some exciting develops with a few of their programs, however only a few new additions regarding Lightroom. Guess we will have to wait a while longer for Lightroom 6. 

  • Lightroom is now available for the iPhone (sorry Android users, only on iPhone right now). You can take
  • You can customize the order of images in collections on a desktop or laptop by dragging and moving them to a different spot in the photo arrangement.
  • Collections are available on mobile devices, including the custom arrangement (after choosing to sync).
  • Editing done on a mobile device will take effect on the same image on your desktop or laptop, if you choose the sync option.
  • Rating images on iPad or iPhone can now be done by flags (pick or reject) and also by star rating (between 1 and 5 stars). Syncing to the desktop will make those ratings show up on your catalog on your desktop/laptop.
  • Editing between Lightroom and Photoshop continues to improve.

I will say that getting to the star rating on the iPad or iPhone wasn't easy to figure out. You have to click on the flag in the bottom left-hand corner, which will turn it to star rating. Then you touch and swipe up or down in the center of the image, which makes the star rating show up and you choose how many stars you want. An important thing to note - the changes mentioned below are included in the Lightroom 5.5 update, which is available to non- Creative Cloud users. To upgrade, go to Help in your Lightroom menu, then "Check for Updates." However, to use the Lightroom Mobile, it requires a Creative Cloud subscription in order to sync the desktop and mobile programs. If you have not yet tried Lightroom Mobile, Adobe has very helpful instructions to get you started.

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