Are you looking for an interesting way to increase your exposure on Google Plus? One technique to consider is launching a mini-blogging campaign with G+. Why is this technique growing in popularity? Basically, G+ posts are treated like web pages on the internet and are not only indexed in search results but also build their own page rank (PR). These G+ posts can attract links and also help drive traffic to your site. It can also help with SEO.

Did you know that G+ lets you post up to 100,000 characters in a single post? You have enough room to craft a great article/blog post in this space. However, you don’t have to max out that character count. Did you know that you can also use formatting within your G+ post to make it look better to your readers?

Here is the basic idea of how it can work. You post 150-300 word posts with a nice image onto your G+ account much like you would a blog. You can make it short and sweet and great for Google juice. You can post these as often as you are able to realistically do consistently. This means if once a week is all you can commit to doing regularly, then give that a try. If you can post one every day Monday-Friday, then give that a try.

You can create quality, engaging posts that boost your brand, inform or entertain your reader and built a presence for yourself online. We’re not suggesting that G+ replaces your traditional blogging, but just that you make some of these mini-blog posts each month.

What to post about? For a photography business, you could do things like photography tips and how-to’s, info on posting or lighting, tips for choosing a camera, digital editing tips, etc.

Here are some benefits to mini blogging on Google+:

* Your posts automatically create Google Authorship snippets

* You can get more Google “real estate”

* Your posts will be almost instantly indexed in Google so it’s quickly found by users

* Your posts show up in your followers’ streams immediately

* People don’t have to navigate away from G+ to read your posts

* Well-formatted mini blogs can do better than just link or basic text posts

On the topic of formatting, it’s very helpful to take the time to look up the types of formatting G+ allows in its posts. You can bold and italicize, for example. You can’t embed multiple elements within the post itself (so think about like a how-to post with multiple images depicting what to do) but you can include images and videos with the posts you make. So taking time to choose a great image, and formatting it well will help more people find and enjoy your posts.

Special thanks to Lisa from Social Media Satisfied for this awesome blog post!
Image from: Twin Design