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A Spring Photo Edit in Lightroom (Using Spring Color, Flare and Haze)

The Spring blossoms I have photographed look amazing with Pretty Presets added to them.  And I’ve specifically loved the results of using the Spring Color Flare and Haze Collection with these types of photos.  The gorgeous colors really add interest and creaminess to the photos. This is the RAW photo straight from the camera.

I added the Berrylicious Preset and loved the result the minute I saw it.  The added warm pink tones were the perfect start.

I then made a few adjustments in the Basic Panel.  These numbers will be different for every photo, but I have included my amounts here.  I increased the contrast a little (+14) and lowered the hightlights (-33) to bring a little of the brightness back.  I then decreased the blacks (-26) and increased the clarity (+29).

Then I added a Radial Filter to help highlight the focal point and slightly darken the rest of the photo (Exposure -32, Highlights -4, Sharpness -10).  I played around with adding an extra hint of pink in the color section, too.

This is the before and after:

One additional change that could be added is one of the “Post” presets. I added Creamy Haze Full. After decreasing the exposure settings on the graduated filters it adds I thought it added a fun new look as well.

See how fun playing with Lightroom Presets can be?  What is your favorite preset?

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