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A Nature Photo Edit in Lightroom

Nature photos allow for a whole different creative workflow than people photos.  I adore using the presets that add a bit of new color or color pop. This photo was no different.  Here is the RAW photo I started with straight from the camera.

Next, I added the Soft Orchid Preset from the Dreamy Baby Collection.  I loved the warm creaminess this preset added.

I didn’t need to edit much using the Basic Panel.  This part will always be different for each photo.  I did bring down the blacks (-38) to bring back a little contrast. Then, I moved to the Split Tone Panel to slightly adjust the balance of colors that the Soft Orchid Preset added.  I decreased the Highlight Saturation to 18 and the Shadow Saturation to 15.

Next, I added a Radial Filter.  Radial Filters often allow me to add emphasis to the subject of the photo.  In this photo the emphasis was the set of leaves. Using the Radial Filter I dragged a circle around the leaves.  Then I decreased the exposure to -51 and increased the saturation to +6.  

As a last step, I added the “Post” Soft Vignette Preset from the same Dreamy Baby Collection and then decreased the amount of the vignette to -7 in the Effects Panel.

Here is a Before and After of the photo.

See how fun it can be to edit Nature Photos with Presets, too!

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