In this tutorial, I am going to be using two presets from the Pretty Presets Pastels Collection for JPEG, LR4 to edit an image. These are some of my favorite presets from Pretty Presets for many reasons, but one of the main reasons is that they are so versatile, and require very little tweaking. 

Here is my photo before it has been edited:

And after, using the Ethereal B&W preset:

After importing my image to LR, I selected the Ethereal preset. 

Then, I adjusted the Exposure ever-so-slightly to +0.49 in order to bring out some detail in the shadows near the edges of the photo. 

I wanted the words on the signs to be more noticeable, so I upped the Clarity to +90

After adjusting the Exposure and the Clarity, I felt as though the overall image was just a tad bright, so I used the Soft Center Light from the Dreamy Baby Collection to make the center of the image pop, while darkening the edges. 

I wanted the edges to be even darker still, so I reduced the Highlight Priority very little, to –7. 

When I zoomed in on the photo, I saw that there were a lot of dust spots (I was at a fair, after all!) that I wanted to minimize. I used the Spot Removal tool (above right) to remove the larger, more noticeable spots. 

I was also curious to see how the photo would look in color. I really liked the golden haze from the sunset, but felt it needed a bit more pop, and reduced saturation. 


After, using the Morning Dew preset:

 In the Pastels Collection, I selected Morning Dew. 

Again, I made a very small adjustment to set the Exposure to +0.37 to bring out the detail in the shadows without losing the details in my highlights (I wanted to beams of light from the sun to remain visible. If I had adjusted the exposure too much, I would have lost that detail). 

I boosted the Clarity again, but this time, not as much as I did in my last edit. I also reduced the Vibrance to -7 and Saturation to -20.

I love the Split Toning in this preset, but since the original image was already very warm, I decided to reduce the Highlight Saturation in order to bring out the purple tones in the shadows.  

Once again, here is the before image:

And after with Ethereal B&W:

…and Morning Dew: