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2 Steps to a Matte Black and White Edit in Lightroom

Pretty Presets has a million fabulous black and white presets.  Okay, maybe not quite a million! But with the new Black and White Workflow Collection there are A LOT black and white combinations to be had.  

But for several years, I have had a favorite Pretty Preset for changing images to Black and White.  Today, I want to show you how I pair that preset with a matte preset to make a beautiful matte black and white photo.

Watch the video below or follow the steps after the video to see how I use my favorite black and white preset and make it matte. 

I guess I just couldn’t quite give it up.  I love the Dreamy B&W preset from the Dreamy Baby Collection and have loved it since the moment I got it.  I have used it on teenagers, little kids, still life images, and even on a baby. 

Recently, I began playing around with the Dreamy Baby B&W preset in combination with some of the matte presets to get the look I love in a matte form.

I started with this “straight out of camera” image of my daughter.

I applied my favorite Dreamy B&W preset from the Dreamy Baby Collection.  In the Basic panel, I decreased the exposure back to 0. **Note: This is what looked best with my photo.  You may not need to do this for yours.  Do what looks best.** This is what I had after applying the Dreamy Baby B&W preset. 

Next, I moved to the Clean and Creative Advanced Workflow collection and applied each of the matte presets to choose my favorite one. I liked both Hazy Matte and Make Matte. Hazy Matte gave my photo a much more dramatic matte effect.  Make Matte added a little more contrast to my photo and gave the photo a much more subtle matte effect.

Never be afraid to play around with your Lightroom presets.  You really can’t mess your photo up and you might just stumble on a look you love!


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