10 Part Series to Start and Maintain Your Photography Business


Welcome to Pretty Presets!  I am so excited to share these amazing posts written by Elizabeth Halford with you.  These posts have been such a fantastic resource for so many photographers at different stages in their business.  Most of all, we hope they encourage you in your business today.  With over 80% of businesses closing their doors in the first 2-years, we want to help you keep yours open for years to come.  Our goal here at Pretty Presets is to help you work smarter, not harder.  

What makes this series so awesome?

  • They are all video's. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show.  
  • Elizabeth interviews an expert in branding.  Another opportunity to learn from the best!
  • Most of these videos will come with video notes, too. 
  • We've included some resources, like the one below on pricing, to help you as well.
  • Elizabeth is a professional photographer who understands the struggles of this business and how to overcome them

Start the series!

Part 1: What is a Professional Photographer

Part 2: All about Consistency and why you need it!

Part 3: 5 Things To Consider When Starting Your Photography Business

Part 4: Big Business vs Small Business

Part 5: The Importance of Insurance for Your Business

Part 6: Branding for Photographers

Part 7: Your Website and Web Presence

Part 8: Pricing Your Photography

Part 9: Portfolio Building for Photographers Part 1

Part 10: Portfolio Building for Photographers Part 2