Photographing Children

We're so excited to share this NEW e-Book all about photographing your kids! I know so many of you have kids, nieces, nephews or grandchildren that you'd like to capture as a professional photographer or hobbyist. The e-Book will encourage you to capture these children through your camera and keep the moments for years to come.  Learn how you can capture those everyday moments and the love between siblings and family. This e-Book also shares more about the lighting you'll want for your images and the gear you'll need.  Enjoy learning more about photographing your kids in this amazing download and please share about it by clicking the facebook, twitter or pinterest button at the top of this post. Thank you!

Photographing Your Kids: Tips for Taking Better Photographs of Your Kids and Family

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Photographing Your Kids: Tips for Taking Better Photographs of Your Kids and Family

Table of Contents

Why Photograph Your Family - page 5

Tell the Everyday Stories - page 7

Photograph the Love - page 11

Keeping the Peace - page 13

Easy Light - page 16

What Gear Do I Need - page 19

Child Photograpy Tips


Special thanks to Gayle from Mom and Camera for putting this fantastic resource together for us! 

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