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Free Offer from GrooveBook - My Favorite New App

I have a couple questions for you.  I think I already know the answers, though.  

  • Do you want to print your images from your phone? 
  • Are you interested in having 100 photos sent to you in a book each month? 
  • Did I mention your first book is free?!  After that, it's only $2.99 and that includes shipping.  

Shark Tank is one of my favorite shows. I'm always excited to see the new products or services people have created and to hear about their journey.  You can imagine my excitement when this product was introduced.  This solved a problem for me. Hopefully, it will for you, too.  I don't always carry my camera with me. Occasionally, I'll grab my phone to take a picture.  However, something I haven't been diligent about is getting them printed.  GrooveBook completely solves this problem. Who wouldn't love a way to get 100 pictures delivered in a little book each month for only $2.99?  

It was way too easy!  I downloaded the app and the pictures I wanted.  A few weeks later, I received my first GrooveBook. I am in love with this product.  Each one of my images even has the date and time the picture was taken.  You can easily take these pictures out and put them in your own photo album, too.  I was given a free code and I'd love to share it with you.  You can use the code "THOMAS1370" to enjoy your first GrooveBook for FREE!  Have fun and please share this with anyone else that could benefit.

Below is an example from one of the pages.  You'll see on the right where you can tear out the picture and the timestamp, too. 

How you can redeem:

1. Download the FREE GrooveBook App

2. Follow signup instructions

3. Enter promo code at checkout (THOMAS1370)

4. Begin reviewing and uploading photos


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