I took this photo last year on a very overcast day.  The lighting was very flat and a little “less than exciting.”  Sometimes those “less than exciting” photos are the perfect candidate for a creative Lightroom edit.  Today, I wanted to share a creative edit on this photo to give it a little extra flair.

You can watch the video or follow along with the screenshots below. 

Step 1

I first applied the Bejeweled V2 Preset from Pretty Presets Fine Art Film Collection.  I love this preset.  Tip: The Fine Art Film Collection also has lots of nice black and white presets.

Step 2

Next, I added a bit more contrast by reducing my blacks a bit more and adding a little contrast.

Step 3

Next, I moved over to the Clean and Creative Advanced Workflow set and clicked the Sharpening for Females/Babies Preset.

Step 4

I used the 2-Bananas Preset also from the Clean and Creative Advanced Workflow set.  This preset added some nice warmth, but a little too much for this photo.  To dial it back a bit, I moved into the Split Toning panel and reduced the saturation in the highlights and shadows.

Step 5

One of my favorite things about this photo is her subtly red hair and her blue sweater.  I want to bring back a little of the red in her hair with a brush.  I used the 4-5 PP Hair Add Contrast Brush from the Pretty Presets Perfect Portrait Brush Collection and added a bit of saturation to the brush.  Then I brushed it over her hair.

Step 6

Lastly, I added a graduated filter around the edges of the photo.  I used the 4 Grad Colorful Background Graduated filter from the Graduated Filter Toolbox. I decreased the exposure a little more and then carefully drug two graduated filters on either side of her.

Viola!  A nice creative edit that adds a little extra interest to this photo.