We're excited to share more about importing, exporting and using watermarks in Lightroom.  Enjoy this recorded webinar.  The presets and watermarks shown in the webinar can be found here

These 16 Watermark, Import and Export Presets will save you so much time!  Correct a large order of wedding pictures all at once when you import, or export exactly what you need to directly to Facebook.  Also included are some wonderful Watermarks!  Included in this package are:

Import Presets

  • Fix Overexposure
  • Fix Underexposure
  • Noise Reduction
  • Portrait Sharpening
  • White Balance Cool Down Warm Pics
  • White Balance Warm Up Cool Pics
Export Presets
  • Export to CD/DVD
  • For Blog
  • For Facebook Large
  • For Facebook
  • For Print
  • Gallery Preview
  • Web - Do Not Copy


  • Do Not Copy Watermark
  • Blog Address
  • Gallery Preview
Directions for installing are included!  Here is an easy way to remember how to install them:
  • Import Brushes can be put in the Develop Folder
  • Export Brushes can be put in the Export Folder
  • Watermarks can be put in the Watermark Folder
You can watch our tutorial video on using them here
Importing, Exporting and Using Watermarks in Lightroom