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Just Released: Black and White Workflow Collection + BONUS 32-Page Lightroom e-Guide


The Black & White Workflow Collection allows you to create clean edits, then "layer" creative presets to produce your own signature style!

We've included 40 incredible options for you with five levels of preset groups to achieve that perfect look.  Plus, for a limited time, we've also included our BONUS 32-page "Lightroom 101 Quick-Start" e-Guide to help you work smarter, not harder.  Check them out here! 

The Black & White Workflow Set Includes

  • 40 Presets
  • Presets work on RAW and JPEG images
  • Works in Lightroom versions 4-5
  • Presets are layerable
  • BONUS 32-page "Lightroom 101 Quick-Start" e-Guide

Included Presets:

  • Black and White Base 1
  • Black and White Base 2
  • Black and White Base 3
  • Black and White Base 4
  • Black and White Base 5
  • Black and White Base 6
  • Tone Blue
  • Tone Brown
  • Tone Cream
  • Tone Green
  • Tone Purple
  • Tone Rose
  • Hazy Light
  • Light and Contrast
  • Light and Dreama
  • Matte Hazy
  • Matte plus Drama
  • Matte with Light
  • Add Cream Tone
  • Add Creamy Light
  • Add Gold Light
  • Add Gold Tone
  • Add Light
  • Add Softness
  • Darken
  • Add Clarity a Little
  • Add Clarity a Lot
  • Add Contrast
  • Add Contrast More
  • Add Darkness a Little
  • Add Darkness a Lot
  • Add Grain a Little
  • Add Grain a Lot
  • Add Light a Little
  • Add Light a Lot
  • Add Vignette
  • Darken Shadows
  • Recover Clipping
  • Recover Shadow Clipping
  • Reset Image

Lightroom 101 is a "quick start" guide to provide you with a helpful overview of Lightroom, show you how to use the Library and Develop modules, and give you a tour of the editing panels and tools to get you started using Lightroom today.  Enjoy this 32-page guide that covers everything you'll want to know about Lightroom!
Special thanks to Brooke Logue Photography for generously allowing us to use her images for our preset examples.


"Pretty Presets are unique, clean, and full of character. I literally LOVE every single one of these. I love the warmth and definition it adds to my photos!” - Nicole Dina

“Beautiful! I love these more than others I just paid double for! If you use presets at all, this is all you need and a bargain!” - Tamee

“Oh boy! it is 11 pm and I am playing with your presets…. I have to get up at 4:30 am. I absolutely LOVE them. I just had to let you know.” - Lilla

"I have these presets and am totally in love with them! I am playing with them, and will post some pictures, hopefully tomorrow!” - Michele

“I’m really new to lightroom and wasn’t sure I was going to like it………… until NOW!!!! I am soooo in love with these! Thanks so much! Can’t wait until the indoor version comes out!” - Joie

“Thank You, I am learning/playing with LR and have been looking for presets. Yours are beautiful. I found them easy to download and import with your instructions. Thanks again!” - Michelle

“You won’t regret this purchase. These are the best brown and black and white I’ve seen around. I’ve tried many!” - Tamee

“If anyone’s contemplating buying her presets…don’t! They are SO WORTH IT!” - Joy

“THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!! I bought them this morning and have been playing in LR every spare moment I’ve had My daughter is now down for a nap and I’m so torn between playing in LR and cleaning the house!! They are AWESOME!” - Rachel

"I am SO in love with your presets! You do an amazing job!! I just finished up editing a senior session that I did using your edits and I can’t stop looking at them! Your presets took the pictures to the next level! Thank you!” - Katie

“OMGOODNESSSSSS!!!! I LOVE these! WOW! Will you be making any more??? Can you tell how excited I am?!?!?”- Erin

"Loving the new collection! Your presets are magical! My editing time has been cut by at least 50%. Thank you Laura!” - Catherine 

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