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Getting a Perfect White Balance with the Enchanted Garden Collection

White Balance is one of the questions we get asked about when using presets.  With this preset collection, we have taken a step that we hope will help people get the best results with as little tweaking as possible.

Each of the presets in this collection have the white balance set to Auto.  By doing this, we give the most amount of images the best results possible.  However, your image may not look it's best adjusted this with this white balance setting so we have created some one click changes you can make to your image to get the white balance just right.

Preset White Balance Options

WB Fix I: This preset will change your white balance back to As Shot instead of Auto.  I find this to work really nicely for me and my camera and always check it before making any other adjustments.

WB Fix II: This preset will change your white balance to the Daylight setting.  This setting looks good for a lot of images as well and you may find it looks awesome on your outdoor images.

WB Temp Cool:  After choosing which of the options above works best for your white balance, this preset will cool things down a little if needed.

WB Temp Warmth: After choosing which of the options above works best for your white balance, this preset will warm things up a bit if needed.

Targeted White Balance Adjustments

If portions of your image still need a slight white balance adjustment, we have provided a few brush options to help.  These are located on the right-side of the Develop Module.  Click on the Adjustment Brush tool and find your options next to the word "Effects".  They are especially helpful for skin tones.

Balance Pink on Faces: Just like it says, this brush can be used any time you see a little too much pink on the faces of your subject.

Correct Orange/Red: This brush will help you correct areas where too much orange or red has been added.  I love this brush for correcting skin tones as well.

Watch in this video as I use each of these different options to make white balance adjustments to a few images! 

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