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Getting Started with Off-Camera Flash: Part Two

Getting Started With Off Camera Flash

In my previous post, I showed you the equipment you would need for a basic lighting setup using your Speedlight and Cactus Triggers. For this post, I will show you how to get everything in place before you begin shooting.

Now, this is a tutorial on the absolute basics of getting your flash and triggers set up. I definitely encourage you to read the manuals on both your triggers and your flash, as well!


Attach one of the triggers (it does not matter which one) to the flash hot shoe mount on your light stand. In the meantime, make sure both your triggers and your flash are turned off to prevent accidental flash firing:

Attach your flash unit to the cold shoe mount on the trigger (it looks like the hot shoe on top of your camera), just like you would attach it to the hot shoe on your camera: 

Attach the other trigger to your camera’s hot shoe mount:


On the side of each of your triggers, you will see the TX/OFF/RX switch. TX stands for Transmitter mode and RX is for Receiver mode. 

Now, the trigger on your camera will transmit a signal to the trigger attached to the flash, which means that you need to set the trigger that is on your camera to TX:

…and the trigger on your flash to RX:

Finally, in order to fire the flash, you need to make sure that both triggers are set to the same channel. In this case, I have them both set to channel 1:

Voila! You are now set to fire your flash off camera!

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