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3 Quick Steps to Customize the Bokeh Presets in the Summer Limited Edition Collection

The Bokeh presets included in the Summer Limited Edition Collection are a fun way to add another dimension to your photos.  They work best on outdoor photos that already have some bokeh in the background.  But what do you do if the bokeh in the preset happens to fall in a distracting place or if you just want to move the bokeh's location? The good news is that is it is super simple to customize the bokeh presets!

1. Choose your Preset

The first step is to choose a bokeh preset to apply to your photo.  I like to hover over each of the presets and then use the Navigator Panel in the top left to see just how the preset will look on my photo.  Once you find the one you like, click on it to apply it to your photo.

2. Select the Radial Filter

If there are bokeh that need to be moved on your photo, you need to select the Radial Filter.  This is located on the right-side of the Develop Module in the toolbar just above the Basic Panel.  It is the second tool from the right—between the Brush Tool and the Graduated Filter.

Once you click on the Radial Filter, you should see several "Pins" appear on your image. These are little gray circles.  If you don't see these appear, tap the "H" key on your computer and they should appear.

3. Select and Move Your Pins

The last step includes selecting and moving your "pins".  To select a pin, just click on one of the little gray circles on your image.  When a pin is selected it will appear with a little black dot in the center of it.  Once a pin is selected, you can click and drag the pin wherever you want or even delete it by pressing the delete key.

In addition to moving and deleting, you can change the size by clicking on the handles that will appear around the circle or even change the settings that were applied to the circle by adjusting the sliders in the Radial Filter settings that opened up on the right-side when you clicked on the Radial Filter.

Video Tutorial

If you want to see this in action, watch the following 2-minute video tutorial that will walk you through moving the bokeh in the Bokeh Presets.


Hopefully this helps you get the most out of the Bokeh Presets in the Pretty Presets Summer Limited Edition Collection!

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