Customizing Your Lightroom Presets | Pretty Presets Lightroom Tutorial

Whether it is adding a bit of your own flair or working the preset to look it’s best on your images, knowing how to customize your presets can come in really handy and it is really simple to do. 

1. Figure Out What Panels/Settings the Preset Uses to Create the Effect. When you click on a preset to apply it to your photo, flip through the panels on the right and notice where the changes were made.

2. Begin Playing Around with the Settings.

Begin adjusting the settings.  Don’t worry if you adjust something and things go wonky.  Playing around and making mistakes is how you are going to learn how to get the results you want.  You can always start over or just go back a step or two using the history panel (it is underneath where all your presets are.)  

Also, making adjustments after you have clicked on the preset isn’t going to harm or change the preset in any way.  It will still look the same as it originally did the next time you apply it to a photo. 

In the video below, I walk you through how I made some changes to a preset to get the effect I wanted.