Lightroom Presets Review

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Pretty presets
"I really love the filters I have! I got the double package, it’s the clean edit and also bohemian also! I definitely enjoy editing my photos."
Lauren T.
Clean Edit Portrait Workflow & PF Bohemian
"This bundle makes editing so much faster and easier! It has taken my photos to the next level!"
Jennifer C.
"I am in love with all of my Pretty Presets and this is certainly no exception! The all-in-one options are great, and love the ability to customize more with the straightforward workflow. Amazing!"
Lauren A.
Pretty Pastels
"Love love love!"
Heather M.
Bomb pop
"Best presets for all editing! It’s really the bomb! You will love all the looks"
Jodi C.
Great Presets
"This is my new favorites preset on Lightroom"
Franky G.
Love it!
"Absolutely love this collection really helping me to perfect my style!"
Laura J.
AMAZING!!!...As always!
"I have been using Pretty Presets for about 3 years now and I come back every time because these are the best presets you can find!"
Mariah J.
Fabulous presents and brushes!
"This group of presents and brushes is a tremendous aid in speeding the process of editing photos."
Dan J.
"Love these. They help make my photos look vibrant and fresh in one click!"
Jessica R.
Loved the Bella Baby Workflow presents!!!
"I have not used presents for a while. I did want to see what was new and upcoming that I could help give my images and new and fresh look. I have had quite a few calls/emails about babies lately and noticed the Bella Baby presents and brushes. I was not disappointed! This workflow pack was easy to use and so beautiful. I really did enjoy editing all my images with not just the presents, but with the brushes as well. It made my workflow time be cut down per image. I highly recommend it!"
Lauren A.
"I am an avid Photoshop user. After taking a few classes, I was convinced to try Lightroom. I love a nice clean edit and decided to try out some presets. I was drawn to these nice clean edits, but with more character. I am in love. I make slight adjustments to meet my own style, but I LOVE how fast these make my workflow go! The install instructions were simple. Videos and tutorials are wonderful. I couldn't be happier! Thank you!"
Kaci W.
$10 off
"I love all of the brushes. Still trying to learn Lightroom, but the presets are a good start."
Alexa S.
Easy to use. Very good
Amazing Presets
"I own practically every set released over the last 5 years or better. Each set gets better and better! I'm currently crushing on Bohemian!!"
Laureen E.
So much easier
"I'm a total newbie, and the clean workflow makes editing so much easier. Just a few clicks and you're done!"
Erica B.
Review on Bomb Pop
"This preset literally makes everything pop and I absolutely love it! I've never even heard of presets before I heard of you guys and I fell in love instantly with all of them. I want them all!"
Maddie B.
Such Vibrant Colors
"I had recently done a graduation session and needed presets that had bright colors so that I could really make these photos match my clients personality and the enchanted garden collection did just that. Both myself and my client are obsessed with what these presets added to her photos"
Clean edit presets
"I love them and I know that as I practice with these presets I will have amazing photos! I highly recommend this."
Marissa S.
"Love these!!!"
Noémie L.
Perfect Portrait: Retouch and Makeup Brushes
"I absolutely love this!"
Denise T.
Love these presets
"This is the 3rd time I’ve purchased presets. Always happy with what I’ve gotten"
Kathy G.
bright fun presets
"Makes editing photos quick easy and gives a uniform look"
Eryka S.
Enchanted garden
"This turned into my fav collection. Love it so much!"
Emily D.
Nothing short of amazing
"I own 95% of Pretty Presets for lightroom. I bought this set because it was on sale. It's something as simple as exporting but they made it so simple and quick! I always keep coming back. Thank you!"
Courtney C.
"I did my first newborn shoot and after editing with pretty presets i am blown away with the results... Thank you pretty presets!"
Nadia I.
"I recently purchased Bella Baby Conplete Workflow and just love it! The brushes are perfect for getting that creamy skin! I’m excited to play around more with it!"
Angela L.
Newborn Presets & Brushes
"I have only used them for a week but love how they enhance my photos! There are a lot of options when editing."
Erica M.
Wonderful Dreamy Enhancements
"Each time I get a new collection of Pretty Presets I think they can't get any better but the Luminous Collection has made a huge difference to enhancing my images. Has moved my photography up a notch. I'm delighted. Thank You."
Marie C.
Beautiful Presets
"These presets are so amazing! They have helped me cut my time down editing and they enabled me to obtain the style I desire in my photos every time. I really have loved my Pretty presets !"
Emily G.